5-year warranty

Lowest fail rates

The most ethically
made LED Bulbs

We’re putting our money where our mouth is for 1,825 days. 

If you’re funny, you don’t tell people you’re funny. You tell them a joke.

We could tell you that we’ve got the best and most ethically made LED Bulbs in the industry (and with the lowest fail rates). But, instead, we’re just going to put our money where our mouth is with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. And, that ain’t no joke! If one of our bulbs fails due to a product fault anytime within the first 1,825 days that they’re in your or your client’s hands. Not to mention, in a world where we throw away the things we buy as quickly as we buy them, it’s our hope this 5-year warranty might keep more bulbs illuminating the world and less littering the landfills.