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Anil Tharan – Lighting Designer
Delight to deal with

Please don’t waste your time dealing with anyone else. Not only do they have a better range of bulbs, in more fittings than other premium suppliers, but they are genuinely a delight to deal with and you won’t get any of the pretentious crap we had to put up with our previous supplier

Genuine company

Nice to find a genuine company with great people.

Yvonne Radcliffe
Totally satisfied

I have now ordered lots more to replace the other LED bulbs. Worth buying from this wonderful company.

David Heslop
These guys understand LED lighting

I don’t write many reviews, but excellent service deserves to be recognised. These guys understand LED lighting and provide good products that perform exactly as described. Replacement of GU10 bulbs is now a minefield of mediocrity that can cost you hours of wasted time on the internet. In contrast, Well-lit is a haven of clarity.

Howard Harrison
Impressed with the colour temperature

Very impressed with the colour temperature of these LED units. Some of the best I have seen. And I’m a lighting designer!

Dave Power
I recommend Well-Lit

I have no hesitation in recommending Well-lit to anyone who is considering purchasing LEDs.

Andrew Bowie
Strongly recommend

I would strongly recommend this company, they sell a quality product and have an excellent return policy.

Simon Davidson, Property Developer
We only use well-lit

We started using well-lit bulbs a couple of years ago and we now only use their bulbs on our projects. We’ve haven’t had a single bulb fail, they are constantly innovating and the support from Chris and Bujar is exceptional, particularly technical support. Wonderful company run by guys who are genuine experts.

Martin Q
This is how businesses ought to be run

This is how businesses ought to be run: by people who visibly care about getting their product right, and who will pull out all the stops to make sure their customers are happy. If my review seems somewhat over-effusive, it’s because the contrast to other companies with which I have to deal is just so dramatic. What a breath of fresh air.

Andrew Molyneux, Founding Director – TM Lighting
High quality

We have been waiting a long time to have a lamp (light bulb) of this quality. Our clients will be sure to love the benefits this product brings, especially as it dims to warm too.

Christopher Vine
Best lamps

Well-Lit lamps are the best we have tried.

Tom Adam – elkis LED
Quality, reliability and overall service

As a lighting designer the key things I look for are, quality, reliability and overall service. The well-lit products I have used for my projects tick all three boxes.

Samantha Wagstaff, Wigwam Design
Customer service spot on

Quick any turn around, customer service spot on and my client now doesn’t want any other bulbs.

Shamil Thakrar – co-founder Dishoom
Great ethical credentials

We really love well-lit lamps. Their ethical credentials are great as well.

Cliff Rankin
Responds quickly

This company responds quickly to communications and obviously values their customers. I would be happy to recommend them and would buy from them again.

Paul Bake
I recommend Well-Lit

I have no hesitation in recommending this company and their products, I sincerely hope they go from strength to strength.

Esther Patterson – Curiousa & Curiousa
Beautiful designs

We found well-lit and we’re really pleased with their commitment and their beautiful designs. Also, we have the confidence that they are ethically-produced and have good dimming technology

Mark Bickers – Rothschild & Bickers
Superb customer service

We have worked with Well-Lit for the last 4 years using their bulbs in both residential and commercial projects. The bulbs are excellent quality back up by superb customer service. Rothschild & Bickers wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Well Lit as the “go to” dimmable LED filament manufacturer!”

Will Earl – J Adams & Co.
Holy grail of LED filament bulbs

We use well-lit lamps for our products simply because they are the holy grail of LED filament bulbs – no flicker, excellent dimming and high colour rendition. On top of this their service is second to none – it’s a pleasure to work with Chris and the team.

Peter Banks
First class bulbs

I couldn’t recommend well-lit more highly. Not only did they supply first class bulbs, they dramatically changed my ideas for the lighting in my home for the better. I thank them for that.

Damon Greber
Thoroughly recommend

I would thoroughly recommend Well-Lit products and their customer service.

Premium products

The build quality feels top notch too. I don’t regret paying the premium for a premium product.

Never had a single issue

Bought a load of designer LEDs from Heals and although they looked really nice, they wouldn’t work with our lighting control system, so we had to return them. We bought all our light fittings from a company who are specialist in hand made fixtures and it was they who recommended well-lit. We were told that they don’t use anyone other companies for LED bulbs now, just well-lit and they have never had a single issue with any of them. So we bought the fitting and the well-lit lamps through the retailer and we are very pleased we did. They work perfectly with our lighting control system, no flicker at all and have a wide range of dimming. Top class.

Chris Powell
Lovely light

The Well-lit led lights give off a lovely light and doesn’t distort colours in your room. We have put them throughout the house. Order arrived the following day. Great UK company.

Aidge MD of Switched On
Really pleased with quality

We at Switched On Solutions have been using Well Lit for the last year and have been really pleased with the quality of the bulbs and the superb personel service received. We have built up a superb working relationship, so if you are looking for great LED products and you care about customer service then I cannot recommend Well Lit enough. Thanks Guys.