Smooth dimming technology


Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a score out of 100 that represents how well a light source will show up the true colours of the objects it illuminates. The closer to 100, the better. CRI levels can vary from batch to batch, and while some brands will publish the highest score you could receive on their box, it’s unlikely the product will deliver the published score. At well lit, we don’t like marketing tricks, so we publish the lowest score you could receive. That’s why our 93 CRI lamps will usually always beat another brands 95 CRI and our dim-towarm lamps boast the highest CRI score ever achieved from a LED filament lamp, 98 CRI.


Dimming performance is one of the most critical aspects of our companies reputation, a reputation we’ve built over a period of 12 years. We design our dimmer drivers with all the major lighting control brands in mind, so that you know you’ll not only get flicker free and smooth dimming, but also a wide dimming range down to 1%. Our products work equally as well on leading and trailing edge systems and we have the test reports and customer testimonials to prove it.


Our technical department is headed by Tim Gray, an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience and a rich history of inventing unique products used by the likes of Hawk Eye, London Underground and the London Olympics. Tim oversees all our product development, testing and liaises with our technology and manufacturing partners around the world in order to bring innovative new technologies to the market. Tim is on hand to support our customers when required.