A review about well-lit by the Electrical Wholesaler of the Year


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Here is my two cents about dealing with and the products supplied by Well lit.


A little about myself and company, My name is Matthew Lamoon I have been a manager for Ablectrics for close to four years with Ablectrics being an electrical wholesalers for over 30 years.


Over this time we have looked for very high end products to meet an ever changing industry always striving to be at the peak of technology, which is where Well lit and their products have come into play.


We have now been buying products from Well lit, (mainly dealing with Bujar directly who is one of the company directors), for well over a year possibly even two years now.


Bujar makes our lives easy when it comes to ordering as he is very flexible on how he takes orders from us, he has even managed to arrange goods to be sent while not even in the country a true 10/10 for service.


Since dealing with Well lit we have managed to bring our Led suppliers list down due to all of their products being exactly what we look for, from a more budget GU10 led (which still fools a few people into thinking its a normal halogen) right up to their Rolls Royce that is the 7w CRI95 GU10 which magically dims perfectly on every dimmer we have ever chucked at it!


As with all of their products the look and feel of their lamps compare exactly to those they are replacing, their true 2700k matched up with their cri95+ lamps will fool the most fussy people on this planet.


The amount of times we use the line “change just one and see if the wife notices” always follows up on a full swap out to their products says something about the quality of light produced.


Another instance of how good their LEDs are is a long standing customer of Ablectrics had refused for several years to change over to LEDs as she really hated the quality of the light and the colour temperature of the lamps she had tried in the past, Bujar then arranged a few samples for her to swap out and see how she got on…. Needless to say within two weeks she had converted not only her whole pub The Kings Arms, Blackboy Hill Bristol (150ish lamps in total) she converted her personal house to match.


I could go on about how good their products are all day but I’ll keep it short and sweet;  We now sell more Well lit supplied LEDs than any other brand we deal with, I myself have 100% of lamps in my own house converted over to Well litproducts.

Having suppliers like Well Lit and their products helped us win The Electrical Wholesaler of the year award (2015). We must be doing something right.


All the best





If you’d like to know more about of unique range of LED products and they could help your business increase sales and cut out time & money spent replacing failed products, please contact commercial director Bujar today – bujar@well-lit.co.uk  or  01484 609759


Bujar Shkodra founder well-lit


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