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Well-lit is a company built on it’s glowing Customer testimonials and word of mouth referrals. We believe the most effective way to market is to produce products and customer service so good our customers can’t help but shout about us.

This is why we are the No.1 specialist LED Retailer one of the biggest and most trusted independent review sites in the UK with an overall score of 9.8 out of 10 after 123 reviews,

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@well_lit_led@voiceoverman well the lights are just awesome!!!!!! #thanks!

— Mark Hitchings (@NottsBrainz) November 14, 2015


3 thoughts on “What our customer Say About Us

  1. The product advice and compatibility solutions with smart dimmers was superb. That’s what you want when you’re making the leap and investing in high quality lighting.

    After installing a vast quantity of the gu10 downlights, our living space came to life with colour compared to what was there before. The dim to warm feature is a nice touch too and doesn’t go too yellow which I’ve seen elsewhere. Maximum brightness is perfect too and doesn’t dazzle.

    Top quality service and products, don’t waste your time looking elsewhere since you can buy with confidence here.

  2. Can’t recommend Well-lit highly enough! Ordered several GU10 LEDs from them over recent years. Great customer service and (even) quickly sorted out some replacements that developed faults. Will always return as I feel this company can be relied on. Keep up the great service!

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