The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps

Lighting The Way Forward: The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps

What does nostalgia make you think of? It could be warmth, sepia, the comfort of friends and family clustered somewhere that’s etched on your brain. Our surroundings can determine the memories we end up treasuring forever, and lighting is just one of the ways in which design can define our experiences.

Lighting designers struck gold in the mid-90’s when vintage filament bulbs were ushered back into the mainstream, but this trend soon became stale, and highly antithetical to the push for efficient energy. Although Victorian, Edison-style lighting remains in vogue for restaurants and bars around the world, LED innovation ensures these features don’t eat up half the electricity of their outdated counterparts.

Filament Lamp Bar

Well Lit are proud to bring the LED revolution to the UK, throwing a creative, eco-friendly spark on light fixtures with flexible filament lamps. Let’s take a look at the evolution of filament light bulbs, and how we’re pioneering a new wave of vintage-style lighting:

ST64 Upright

An Old Favourite Reborn

Modern interiors, strangely enough, rely on capturing the essence of times past and reconfiguring it in a new way. Industrial themes are extremely popular with venues looking to draw in a young, up-market crowd. The basic tenants of this approach try to find warmth in room fixtures that don’t draw attention to themselves, or perhaps appeal to the imagination because they don’t limit it with garish design.

Well-Lit-Bulbs-11.7.16 2

For this reason, filament bulbs experienced a boom over the last two decades, popping up in cafes, eateries and live music spaces. Their adaptability consists of a blanketing glow that can be inflected with all sorts of colours, giving customers a hearty pool of light with the depth of old-school minimalism.

The problem is that filament lamps use up a lot of electricity; when we’re constantly told to be energy efficient, it’s difficult to justify clustering dozens of them together for the sake of aesthetic principle.

Filament Lamp Cluster

Bright Ideas

Filament lamps have become de rigeuer on the high street, and their impact has settled and lessened. There needed to be a counter to their proliferation and energy-sapping drawbacks. Enter the LED filament lamp, an innovative spin on a style we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Well-Lit-Bulbs-11.7.16 89

Roughly 80% of electrical energy is lost in the heating process – LEDs, on the other hand, conserve so much more by way of semi-conductors, which get the same levels of illumination for around a quarter of the energy expenditure. The sparseness and classicism of the filament look is still there, but now it has extra options for appearing playful, entirely unique to the vibe you want for your home or business.

This is achieved by the malleable construction of the LED polymer: they can be arranged in twists and loops, or be spiky, straight and triangular. Housing a gorgeous pattern like this gives your lighting options more creativity than they’ve previously enjoyed. You can dim these flicker-free bulbs to your heart’s content, and conceptualise groups of various designs to striking effect.

Well-Lit-Bulbs-11.7.16 100

Flexible Lighting Solutions

Flexible LED filament lamps are the strongest case yet for the old and the new colliding in mutual admiration. They’re sweeping into the public sphere, and we’re the first company in the UK to offer them from the get-go.

With a romantic, warm ambience similar to that of a candle, they can set the mood for any gathering, combining Edison-style curves with the high efficiency of the latest LED technology. Handcrafted from special polymer materials, with a patented design that bonds an LED chip onto pure synthetic sapphire substrate, these lights offer 360 light distribution, zero UV emissions and an A++ energy rating.

Flexible G90 W

Perfect for hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and increasingly popular for modern homes, these vintage filament bulbs last ten times longer than traditional incandescent lights, whilst creating a focal point in their own right. Combined with industrial, retro-inspired pendants and shades, they are a beautiful addition to your décor, set to take the interior design world by storm in 2016 and beyond.

Well-Lit-Bulbs-11.7.16 71

Discover the flattering effects our Edison-style flexible filament lamps can have in your home or premises. Well Lit are proud to supply a gorgeous selection of handcrafted, efficient LED bulbs, along with a stunning range of lamps to complete your lighting fixtures. With our first stock arriving at the start of July, you’ll soon be able to browse our collection to illuminate your room with design-friendly lighting that will make your décor work smarter.

Well-Lit-Bulbs-11.7.16 110

Our G125 and G95 Flexible LED Filament Lamps can be ordered with two the inside of the glass coated in two different effects, Smokey Glass and Golden Glass

Smokey Glass

G125 Flexible LED Filament

Golden Glass

G95 Flexible LED Filament Golden Glass

View our full range of Flexible LED Filament Lamps please

Please let us know what you think of our new Flexible LED Filaments by leaving us a comment below.

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19 thoughts on “The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps

  1. Now that’s what I call lighting! I use these bulbs with light fittings by New Zealand designer David Trubridge. His light fits are designed around mimicking nature, so being able to throw a sustainable light source from his fittings makes sense. LED filaments all the way. When are these released?

    1. Hi Ryan – We love David Trubridge’s work, it would be an honour to have our LED Filaments lamps in his work. The clear glass versions are for sale on our website right now with golden glass and smokey glass versions imminent. Thanks

    1. Hi Raphael, yes you can order the clear class versions on the website now, with a new range of golden glass and smokey class to be added soon !

  2. I’ve been using filament LEDs in glass pendants at home but this is the first time I have seen such great designs. I love these I want some!

  3. Ok, you have my attention. Very rare something creative and design friendly comes out of the LED world in a retrofit lamp. Although my personal opinion is that the exposed lamp look has been done to death, there appears to be no end to the clients who ask and even demand it. At least now the energy wastage can be curbed. Do you have stockist in North America or can ship to NYC?

    1. Hi Sebastian – We don’t have a stockist on North America but we can ship worldwide. If you want to drop us an email to customer we can discuss your requirements. Thanks

  4. The bulbs are beautiful and not what you expect when you see the term LED. Well done well-lit, i’m going to order some now

  5. Fantastic!! I’ve been looking for some flexible LED filament lamps. This range looks super stylish!

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