The Best DIY LED Ideas for Your Home or Garden

To make a flat or house your home you need to

  1. Make it cosy
  2. Personalise it
  3. Let it reflect your individualism.

Otherwise it may end up looking like just another outpost of the global IKEA empire or its countless copycats.

You can’t really buy a unique home interior unless you want to spend a whole lot of cash.

You have to do it yourself as no Chinese megafactory with thousands of underpaid teenage workers on permanent overtime will match your taste perfectly. What you can get for a decent amount of money are the tools and materials you’ll need.

Creativity is also key when it comes to making your garden appear more welcoming.

In modern times we’re not just limited by our painting, sculpting or woodcarving skills. We can also improve the overall look and feel of our surroundings by combining modern technology and our limitless imagination.

Stuck in the daily grind we often forget about all the possibilities waiting to become reality.

This post will show you inspiring DIY ideas using LED lights that have been put into practice already. Some of them have whole tutorials attached to them so that you can follow the lead while others are just unique pieces made by…

  • Artisans
  • Artists
  • Designers

…with their own hands. Nonetheless everybody is an artist at heart so we can at least attempt to come up with similar designs. Other than that these ideas are simply cute you will have to admit!



The Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson is awesome. Not everybody can afford the at least 380$ the simplest version costs. The most expensive one is more than ten times as much. Also they may not ship everywhere. Last but not least some people are simply creative themselves so that they think they can build such a lamp in a DIY manner.

They are probably right as this excellent how to article by professional designer Mark Cutler of Nous Decor suggests:


Here’s also a truly enlightening one on how to make a cloud by Serena Thompson.

Cracked Log Lamp


Duncan Meerding is an artist and designer from Australia who uses old tree-trunks to install LED lamps inside them. Doesn’t sound spectacular but looks beautiful in an almost hippie-like way without being low level.

These lamps are of course expensive by now but there are also do-it-yourself tutorials out there.


The one I’ve found was in Spanish and used a slightly different looking lamp but nevertheless one that enchants.

Another similar idea you really got to love are the Tree Rings by Judson Beaumont, the implementation is even more impressive:


According to Ally Krug of Straight Line Designs “tree rings range from $400-$550 depending on the size and the top material.” This may be affordable to some – head over to her site to buy them – while others may be able to replicate the idea on their own.

Luna Lantern


The Luna lamp from Italy (picured above) and the Luna lantern from Taiwan are another two high profile design projects and have been or still are available for purchase.


Yet there are also ways to mimic it on your own. There are even ways to hack a well known IKEA lamp to make it look more like the moon as Rosandra Ferri proves with her Mr. Moon:


This is very romantic lighting indeed!

Fiber Optic Panel Star Ceiling


Did I say romantic? What about a full-fledged star-lit night right in your home? This is the ceiling of a self-ma home cinema in the basement yet it might work n a smaller scale as well and you don’t need to watch movies to brighten up the night sky inside.

DIY Shadow Chandelier


While the shadow chandelier called “Forms in Nature” pictured above has been made by two famous light artists (Hilden & Diaz) well known over the world for lighting up landmarks there is also a DIY version on YouTube. Why?

Only a small series of 100 chandeliers has been made by the artists and they get sold for 4,100$ each. Not your budget? Then try the small-time version for the rest of us. It costs about 1% of the original.

In the video some LED bulbs have been used by the results weren’t the best so the videographer recommends an incandescent light at the end.

Remember though that the video is from 2013 and technical progress has been swift ever since so that high power LED are more affordable now or available in the first place.

DIY Paper Dandelion Lanterns


These paper dandelions look very classy without requiring a lot of skill or expensive materials to build them. Of course you need to be able to cut some forms that at least resemble some plants but if you can’t do that your mother, sister or wife may help you!

LED Robot Ornament


This nifty DIY LED robot has been meant as a Christmas decoration initially but I can assure you that it will delight kids of all ages at all times no matter if it’s a holiday or not. Also it’s one of the easiest LED gadgets to build. I bet even I could create an better looking one than the pictured on top of the paragraph.

LED Constellation Wall Art


In case you like stars but don’t want to recreate the whole galaxy on your ceiling maybe some selected star constellation on the wall will suffice like pictured above? Little LED lights can make them shine like the real ones as well.

DIY Woven Lamps


The process of creating this DIY woven lamp may look a bit gross at the first sight. You don’t need to create the next Frankenstein’s monster though. Weaving a ball and inserting an LED bulb into it will suffice. Hooray, this is one neat lamp looking almost like from a steampunk movie

LED Changing Showerhead


OK, this one is not really DIY. It’s idea that’s cheap enough to buy so I included it for all those who have “two left hands” like I do. You can get the LED color changing showerhead over at Amazon for cheap.

In case you want more than just a decorative gimmick and are – like we – keen on saving energy and thus also money and the planet you can get the Hydra Smart Shower. It changes the color based on your water usage until you get the read alert for wasting water.


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