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Are LEDs a health risk?

The EU Verdict: LED Bulbs Aren’t Bad For You New technology, rightly, faces a lot of scrutiny before we accept it. LED bulbs have been facing detrimental health accusations for a while: “They’re bad for our eyes!” some have claimed, alongside vague worries that the lamps’ materials are unsafe. So are LEDs a health risk?… [read more]

The Easiest Ways to Save Energy as Suggested by Experts

  Let’s be honest! Most of us don’t care about climate change. Yes, I said it. We haven’t met many polar bears until now and warmer weather is very welcome. Now you can plan a summer vacation for spring even in case you don’t want to fly south. Also who are all these people suffering… [read more]

Understanding What You Use Energy for

  This is a guest post by John Pooley, Energy Management & Sustainability Consultant on how to save energy. It was initially meant as a short contribution to my group interview on the easiest way to save energy but due to its depth I decided to use it as standalone post as well! I added… [read more]

The Greenest Blogs from the UK

You probably know “green” blogs already. I’m not talking about the web design or WordPress theme either. I refer to the actual topics they cover.   Green Blogs Even if you don’t care about our planet and want to leave it on the next trip to Mars you probably have perused at least one green publication… [read more]

How to quickly and easily switch to LED

Replacing your traditional halogen and incandescent lamps with LED can be a little tricky. In the old days you only had to worry about choosing wattage and fittings, but now you have to look for; Lumens, Colour Temperature, CRI, Beam Angle and the list goes on, making it a very confusing process. Don’t get disheartened,… [read more]

The Best DIY LED Ideas for Your Home or Garden

To make a flat or house your home you need to Make it cosy Personalise it Let it reflect your individualism. Otherwise it may end up looking like just another outpost of the global IKEA empire or its countless copycats. You can’t really buy a unique home interior unless you want to spend a whole… [read more]

Environmentally conscious buyers guide to LED

The environmentally conscious Buyer’s Guide to LED Lights

  If there’s one thing we love, its light – the kind that brighten up our offices and cheers up our homes. Personally, I don’t know anyone who likes to sit in the dark in their homes or work in their office without any lights on. That said, barely anyone knows the difference between good light and… [read more]

Some LEDs on sale in the UK could kill you

Some LEDs on sale in the UK could kill you !

Here at Well-Lit, we’ve been talking about and warning people about the dangers associated with cheap LED lamps sold in the UK since we started in this industry over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, our cautions often fall on deaf ears. Recently however, there have been multiple reports in the national press and by Trading Standards… [read more]

Confused about LED terminology?

Confused by LED Terminology?

When switching from traditional lamps to LEDs, it’s easy to become confused. There are so many options in the market and each one lists a bunch of information on its packaging. Information, you can’t seem to make head or tail of. Most people give up and just go for the option that fits their budget…. [read more]

How to have a bright Christmas with LED Lighting

Dreaming of a bright Christmas?

Ignore CRI and you could be in for a dull Christmas   So you’ve been to buy this year’s enormous Christmas tree – or grabbed your trusty plastic version from the attic – and lovingly decorated it, wrapped tinsel around the bannister, popped your poinsettia on the coffee table and hung the stockings above the… [read more]

Why you need to ignore the term warm white

Why you need to ignore the term ‘warm white’

Today i went to visit a customer who lives locally to our offices in Yorkshire who’d found us on the Observers website. I’m going write more about the visit and the results at a later date, but the purpose of this article is to concentrate on one aspect that continues to really frustrate me as… [read more]

5 Manipulative Tricks LED Retailers use

5 Manipulative Tricks LED Retailers Use

There are many tricks LED retailers are using to convince you to buy their products, but here i list the main 5 which should help you avoid the unethical companies and buy from reputable companies with quality products and service.   1) Customer Reviews   What ever you do, please do not take a companies… [read more]

Poor quality LED Lights

Beware when buying ebay led lamps

  You honestly wouldn’t believe the amount of e-mails and calls we get from people who have bought Ebay LED lamps and ended up with terrible experiences.  Well to be honest, this comes as no surprise to us at all as, on the whole, these two selling platforms have a huge amount of seller manipulation… [read more]

How to Cut Out Obvious Energy Wastage

  This is a guest post by Chris Burgess, head trainer at the Energy Institute on how to save energy. It was initially meant as a short contribution to my group interview on the easiest way to save energy but due to its depth I decided to use it as standalone post as well! I… [read more]

Simple Energy Efficiency Measures in the Household

  This is a guest post by Mark Hilton, Resource Efficiency Lead at Eunomia Research & Consulting on how to save energy. It was initially meant as a short contribution to my group interview on the easiest way to save energy but due to its depth I decided to use it as standalone post as… [read more]

The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps

Lighting The Way Forward: The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps What does nostalgia make you think of? It could be warmth, sepia, the comfort of friends and family clustered somewhere that’s etched on your brain. Our surroundings can determine the memories we end up treasuring forever, and lighting is just one of the ways… [read more]

5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Best LED Downlight

How To Recognise A Good Led Downlight 1. The Led Colour Temperature Must Be 2700k When buying LED Downlights for your home, you want the same warm, ambient feel you are used to getting from halogen and incandescent lamps. ‘Warm white’ sounds ideal – but it‘s just a description, and not a very accurate one…. [read more]

colour temperature led lights

What colour temperature LED should you buy?

What do Lumens and Kelvin Ratings on Your LEDs Mean? If you’ve ever skimmed through the information on the packaging of an LED light, you’re bound to have come across the terms Kelvin and Lumen ratings. Now as confusing as these terms are, they’re really simple to understand. In a nutshell, Lumens indicate the brightness… [read more]

Ethical Product of the Decade LED Bulb

Doing things differently can be tough

  FINALIST “ETHICAL PRODUCT OF THE DECADE” IN OBSERVER ETHICAL AWARDS 2015 Sat in the office one Friday afternoon in April, I was told there was someone on the phone from the Guardian newspaper. Confused, I took the call to discover that Well-Lit, out of thousands of companies, had reached the final 5 in the… [read more]

Are LED Lamps too expensive?

Are LED Lamps too expensive?

Are LED Lamps too expensive? Over the years, we’ve all become accustomed to paying very little for Halogen and Incandescent lamps and some, for the awful Compact Fluorescent Lamps or CFLs. These others have always been sold quite cheaply thanks to misguided government subsidies, so we are bound to think that being asked to pay… [read more]

LED advice for professionals

LED advice for resellers

WHY LIGHTING RESELLERS HAVE SWITCHED   “As an electrician, I’m regularly asked for LEDs by my customers. I know very little about them, and don‘t really want to change, as I see no need. My business partner disagrees. What are the pros and cons for us as resellers?”   Why are your customers asking for… [read more]

See the effect High CRI LED Lighting can have on your home

Set the colours of your home free

See how LED’s can bring out the true colours of objects in your home   OUR LED BULBS LIGHT THE ROOM THE WAY YOU’RE ALREADY USED TO.   CRI stands for Colour Rendering Index and every lamp, be it halogen, incandescent, CFL or LED has a CRI rating out of 100. The closer to 100… [read more]

Why Which are leaving consumers in the dark about LED lights

Which? are leaving consumers in the dark about LED Lighting

How Which? is leaving consumers in the dark… Which? is a leading source of consumer information in the UK, helping people to make informed buying decisions with product reviews and guides. I was a subscriber for a number of years, and used their services to make decisions on significant items, from washing machines to a… [read more]

cauton sign

Learn how to spot manipulated LED Discounts

Manipulated discounts are common in the LED Industry – learn how to spot dodgy LED discounts ! I was watching an episode of Watchdog recently, which included a segment by Oz Clarke on the special offers and huge discounts that saturate the supermarket wine market.  As I listened to what he was explaining, I realised… [read more]