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Warranty & Returns

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When you buy any product from well-lit, you have 365 days to return the product to us for any reason, for a full refund.

Technical Details

  • Wattage: 6w
  • Colour Temp: Warm White 2700K - 2100K
  • CRI: 95
  • Lumens: 345
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Beam Angle: 36 degrees
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Lifespan: 25,000
  • Capacitor Temp: 130 degrees
  • Candela: 900
  • Dimension: W 50mm x L 59mm
  • Download our datasheet

6w Dimmable LED Spot Dim to Warm


This top-quality 6W dimmable LED spotlight is remarkably energy-efficient, with an industry-leading CRI and advanced technology that vastly increases its lifespan.

Engineered to fit a standard 50W halogen GU10 fitting, the elegant design of this LED spotlight means it is the only one on the market that looks just like a halogen spot. It emits 345 lumens at a colour temperature of 2700k – 2100k and has a CRI of 95, offering the same colour of light as a far less efficient halogen bulb.

There are only two LED GU10 Spotlights on sale that are capable of accurately matching the performance of a 50w halogen. One retails for £21.95 – this is the other one.

While most LEDs have a Colour Rendering Index of 75–80 which can affect the way you view the colours around you, this has an incredible CRI of 95 which is perfect for environments where you want to see true colours in all their vibrancy.

Not only is the LED spotlight 85% more efficient than a traditional halogen, the unique air vents allow optimal heat dissipation, keeping the power pack and LED chip cool, ensuring a lifespan of approximately 25,000 hours. That is why this is a genuine money-saving and energy-saving replacement for your existing 50W halogens.

Our 6W dimmable spot offers the very best LED lighting option for homes, offices, retail outlets and anywhere that requires a natural, true-colour light. We are so confident in this product that we offer a 365-day refund guarantee if it doesn’t meet your full expectations.

See your home in its true colours

To see how higher CRI can change the look of your entire home, move the slider below.

High CRI lighting
Low CRI lighting

If LED lamps are so great, why is there so much terrible LED lighting? Are dull colours just the price you pay for lower bills?

The answer to these questions is "Colour Rendering Index".

In most LED lamps it's simply too low. At Well-lit, all our LED lamps have CRI values of 93 or above. So you can replace your halogen and incandescent lamps without losing quality of light. (And change those poor quality LEDs for something rather better.)

Here's what our buyers think

  1. (verified owner)

    Ok, these are the nearest thing to halogens on the market, and I’m very happy with the light they provide. I have some decent, but average GU10s to compare, and the difference is night and day, but my word, they are expensive. Should you buy them? Yes, but when you’re replacing 28 with these, it’ll hurt when you get the invoice:)

  2. (verified owner)

    I had been searching the market for some time to find an LED replacement for my old halogen GU10s. The most common problems are poor colour temperature compared to the halogens and also they don’t always fit into the spot fitting. We’ve had these new ones in place for a few weeks now and they are excellent in both respects. I will now be buying more for the rest of the house.

  3. (verified owner)

    These lamps work brilliantly. They are by far the most faithful to the halogen equivalents I have found. I really can’t tell the difference. And they dim to a very low level without flickering. Will definitely be getting some more.

  4. (verified owner)

    These dim-to-warm LED are the only ones I have found that faithfully mimic mains halogen ones (and originally went through quite a few). In fact it is difficult to tell the difference between these and the halogen ones I still have. I have been using these bulbs for 3 years now and they are still going strong. I’m about to place an order to replace another batch of mains halogen bulbs in my flat.

  5. Got a dim-to-warm bulb as a replacement for a faulty non d2w. They work even better and are even more compatible with my existing dimmer switches.

    The dim2warm is subtle but definitely noticeable.

  6. (verified owner)

    They DO NOT FIT a standard GU10 ceiling fitting. I doubt this review will be featured on this website but I am afraid they are not the same size as a standard halogen GU10. Had to be returned.

    • Hi, thanks for your message. Whilst our 7w and 9w LED Spotlights will not fit every existing fitting, they do fit into the vast majority and we have very few returned to us with a fitting issue. The 5w LED Spot is the same size as a halogen and will fit into virtually all existing fittings, but the 7w and 9w have a slightly larger heat sink, which is a paramount for heat dissipation. Like I say, they still fit into the vast majority of fittings and if they don’t, then that’s what our 365 day returns policy is for, you can always return them to us for a full refund. Merry Christmas

  7. (verified owner)

    I have been searching for for LED spotlight bulbs that I can bear to use, so far I hate the light that comes form all LED bulbs but after choosing these high CRI ones in Natural White I have now replaced all my kitchen spots and have light that is very close to old fashioned halogens. Expemsive but worth it. Excellent service.

  8. (verified owner)

    These guys understand LED lighting and they care about providing a quality product in double quick time. I am delighted with my GU10 replacement bulbs. Thanks for the excellent service. David

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