Our bulbs, your branding

With well-lit, you don’t have to gamble

With 100,000 LED Bulbs sold, our failure rate is less than 0.05% – easily the lowest in the industry*.

Well-lit is an ethical lighting company, challenging the throwaway culture with beautiful, sustainable handmade bulbs.

From small beginnings we’ve grown into a major supplier to designers, retailers, and the public, and turned the LED lighting sector upside down in the process.

And now we’re ready for the next step. Creating fabulous, head-turning lamps that you can sell under your own brand, or as a partnership product with the well-lit logo alongside your own.

Goodbye to price-matching

A customer with a smartphone can compare prices in seconds. But when your bulbs are truly exclusive to your brand or store, price-matching is almost impossible. A bespoke bulb – or range of bulbs – can’t be directly compared.

Leveraging the power of your own brand also makes marketing simpler, as you won’t have another company’s brand in your images and information.

That’s why well-lit gives you the option not only to customise your lamps, but to make them entirely your own with branded packaging.