365 day money back guarantee

Nope, that’s not a typo. Here at well-lit.co.uk, we genuinely offer a year long returns policy.

 Why? Well, we understand that lighting – and how it makes your home look – is a very personal thing. Regardless of research and planning, there’s no guarantee that a bulb will deliver the desired effect given how much the shape and shades inside a room can alter how light behaves.

So even if you’re positive about which bulbs you need, even if they look like the most sensible choice on paper, you simply can’t know until you’ve lived with them in site.

And it’s not enough just to pop them in and turn the light on for five or 10 minutes. To really get a sense of how the light works in your home, you need to live with them for a decent period of time before you commit to a purchase.

We’re so confident in the long lasting quality of our products, as well as the beautiful quality of light they produce, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee up to one year after purchase. The only condition is that we must receive the products back in their original and undamaged packaging.

We’re the only LED company in the world to offer a returns policy like this – and it’s because we really believe in our customers getting the right lighting for them. We value knowing for certain that they’re delighted with their purchase.

Buying from us is entirely risk free: exceptional service alongside industry best products that you can return at any time within a year for a full refund. So head straight over to the shop to browse our brilliant products.

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