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“As an electrician, I’m regularly asked for LEDs by my customers. I know very little about them, and don‘t really want to change, as I see no need. My business partner disagrees. What are the pros and cons for us as resellers?”


Why are your customers asking for LED?

By replacing halogen and incandescent lamps with LED alternatives, consumers can save, on average, 85% on their lighting bills. This is because LEDs produce more light per unit of electricity than any other light form, making them far more efficient.

What’s more, LEDs have a lifespan up to 15 times longer than traditional halogen and incandescent lamps, and 5 times longer than CFLs. These savings add up to a considerable sum of money over the entire lifespan of an LED. It also has a positive impact on the environment, by using less energy and emitting fewer CO2 emissions.

Offering high quality, low maintenance and great value for money, it’s no wonder that homeowners and businesses are demanding LED lighting for their properties.


Benefits of LED to resellers

LED is fast becoming the dominant lighting technology used in our homes and premises. In 2013, the UK LED lighting industry was worth £330 million; by 2018 this figure is forecasted to pass the £1 billion mark.

This explosive growth will be led by consumers switching their older, inefficient lamps for new energy efficient LEDs. Resellers who take advantage of this trend will be at the forefront of the LED revolution, with lucrative opportunities to increase their earnings and consumer base.


Why are LEDs so expensive?

Whilst traditional halogen and incandescent lamps are incredibly simple, LED lamps are not. A high quality LED lamp should include:

a) A high-performance LED Chip

b) Effective thermal management design

c) Stable power supply, with a capacitor rated to a sufficient operating temperature

d) Excellent build quality from a world class manufacturer


Although we’d all love to fill our homes with high quality but cheap LED lamps, the fact of the matter is that premium LED lamps – like-for-like replacements for halogen and incandescent bulbs – simply cannot be produced on the cheap. You can, however, find these high quality products at fair and competitive prices from reputable retailers.


So where’s the catch?

With high quality LEDs there is no catch. You get what you pay for, and unfortunately the market is flooded with poor performing products from low cost manufacturers. These manufacturers make all manner of outrageous and unsupported claims about the performance and lifespan of their products.


Poor quality LED Lights



Low quality LED lamps are not only poor value for money, they can also be dangerous. We estimate that up to 80% of all LEDs on sale in the UK could be missing a valid CE safety certificate, required by law in the European Union. And yet, nearly all of these products will have the CE mark stamped on them. UK Trading Standards are finding this out first hand, as they discover an increasing number of dangerous LED products being imported in the UK.



We know how frustrating it can be when you have a question or problem with a product. That’s why our world-class technical support team at our UK-based testing centre is on hand to support our resellers. If you have any questions about our products or their installation, they will be on hand to guide you.

The biggest issue facing resellers of LED lamps at the moment is the high percentage of failures being reported. Re-visiting customers and replacing faulty lamps costs valuable time and money. At well-lit, our commitment to quality control gives you confidence that our products will deliver on expectations – we offer the lowest failure rate in the industry at under 1%.


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