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Well Lit Recommended Dimmers

ManufacturerModelCompatibaility Min lampsFull DimComments
Varilight V-PROJQP401WRecommended2YesDefault carton mode OK. Set min level
Varilight V-PROGJP300WRecommended2YesDefault carton mode OK. Set min level
Lighwave RFLW400 WHRecommended2  
CASAMBICBU-TED Recommended2  
ModeTIGER / MirageRecommended2YesWorks in trailing and leding edge cards
AuroraAU-DSP400XCompatible4YesLoad corrects dim range
AuroraAU-DSP250Compatible2YesLoad corrects dim range. Min level OK
SchneiderGU6022CCompatible2YesLoad corrects dim range. Min level OK
HamiltonLitestat L400/2Compatible2YesLoad corrects dim range. Min level OK
ZanoMO500Compatible2YesManual Adjustor for min level
LightwaveLW400 WHCompatible2Yes 
Lutron Homeworks / Graphic EYE 3000Compatible2Yes 
RakoRMT500/ RAK -4TCompatible2Yes 

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