Are LED Bulbs worth the cost?

LED lighting has been on the cusp of mass adoption for several years and, even now that it’s proven its worth, there are still some dissenting voices. “Hold off,” they say, “until the prices fall. We don’t believe that the current technology is deserving of investment…”

If value is an issue, the naysayers don’t really have a leg to stand on. Today, we want to pick apart this argument, and show you why these eco alternatives are ready for your home or business in the here and now.

Are LED bulbs worth the cost? Find out for yourself…

Getting over that first price hurdle

At the outset, it’s possible to see where the ‘cost-heavy’ opinion is coming from. Traditional bulbs like halogens and incandescents have been dirt-cheap for a long while – LEDs, by contrast, can average around the £15 mark for the same level of illumination. The upfront price is undeniably greater, especially if you’re going for a wide-scale switchover.

But this is a view that focuses squarely on that first investment. These same critics claim that we should wait for another handful of years until the RRP drops. This is, however, only predicted to hit a 20% decrease: for that same £15 bulb, you’ll merely get a £3 saving on a purchase.

If we’re asking ourselves “Are LED bulbs worth the cost?”, we need to dig further into their lasting benefits, which requires less of a knee-jerk perspective.

A brighter future for your finances

On average, an LED bulb of comparable brightness will save up to 85% on your annual energy bill. As an example, let’s take a 50w halogen bulb and compare it to our 50w upgrade for an LED, the 7w GU10.

Wattage, of course, relates to the consumption that each bulb takes up from your energy supply. If you’re replacing a single halogen bulb with an LED, you’re probably looking at a rate of 14p/kWh. Let’s assume you’re using it for six hours a day – that’s £15.33 per year per 50w halogen and a mere £2.15 for the 7w GU10 LED.

Using the same example and including the £11 cost for the new 7w GU10 LED, you’ve not only made your physical investment back within a year, but gained £2.18.

Then, thanks to the massively prolonged life of an LED fixture, you’ll be saving around £55 during the next half decade.

The savings are pretty astronomical the further ahead you gaze; additionally, for a building with dozens of lights to change, the financial impetus only gets stronger with every switch you make!

For example if you have a kitchen with 12 x 50w halogens:

Example LED energy savings
Cost of LED bulbs -£132
Year One Energy Savings +£158
Year One Gain +£26
Gain over 5 years +£658.64

So, are LED bulbs worth the cost? We’d like to envision your home or professional space as ripe for a new lighting regime, backed by the empirical value of our number crunching. To enquire about LED bulbs and their other advantages, contact Well Lit today, or take a peek at our growing lighting collection…

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