Is there a way to check the minimum load requirements of our existing transformers?

Customer Question 

I have MR16 fitting LED Spots. If each fitment has a transformer of it’s own, is there a way to check the minimum load requirement before we sort replacements?


Technical Tim

The honest answer is that it is impossible to check and be 100% certain purely because there are so many different transformers out there. Most, but not all electronic transformers require a minimum load to operate, it depends on the design/construction but for simplicities sake let’s assume that we are talking about the single transformer for each lamp scenario.

Some transformers are marked 20-50w and it is fairly safe to assume with those that there is a minimum load of approximately 20w required for them to function. In all honesty they will probably work with 15w but probably not 10w and certainly not 5/6w. The results will either be no light at all, maybe a quick flash at switch on or continued flashing every few seconds; certainly this is what I’ve experienced, it all depends on the circuitry. Other transformer types have no markings as such and it is a wild stab in the dark as to whether they will work or not.

Can you provide us with some images of the current transformers that you have installed?

Please note NO work should be carried out on live electrical circuits, ensure power is turned off correctly at the main electrical distribution board. DO NOT assume that the light switch effectively isolates the lighting circuit you are about to touch.

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