My GU10 LED Spots do not work with my Varilight dimmer

Customer Question

Hi, I just received my 8x 7w Dimmable LED Spot.
Unfortunately they don’t work with my Varilight Dimmer which is suitable for dimmer LEDs. Any recommendations?


Technical Tim

Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the recently delivered 8 x 7w LED spots and your dimmer unit.

Could you give me the specific Varilight model number you are using please so I can give you more specific advice; essentially they should all work but that is no help to you though at the moment.

Are all the lamps running off the one dimmer unit?

It could be either all the spots or some of them causing issues with the dimmer unit, it could be the dimmer unit itself or some strange combination. The Varilight trailing edge dimmers do work with the LED units so let’s try by process of elimination with a little test.

If you have any halogen spots left, remove all the LED units and put one or two halogen units in place and try the dimmer again, it should dim the halogens correctly.

If you could let me know the model and the results of your test it would be appreciated.

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