Using a dimmable LED in a touch dimmer lamp

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I’d like to use a dimmable LED in a touch dimmer lamp (because when filament bulbs blow they often break the touch dimmer).

I’ve put in one of your E14 candle bulbs and in position 1 there is no light, position 2 is very dim, and position 3 is medium dim.  I tested with a filament bulb and the 3 3 positions give low, medium, high light.

I’m not sure if changing the LED wattage would help.

Do you have an LED which solves the problem of too low light in a touch dimmer?  Is there a golfball LED which you know works?



Technical Tim
Sorry to hear you are having an issue, it might change how the “dimmer” operates by changing the wattage of the lamp, however the “dimmer” itself is probably the stumbling block.

The touch dimmer circuit generally is a specialized version of the traditional rotary dimmer unit that is continuously variable from fully off to fully on. However the circuitry does rely on a certain amount of electrical current flowing through the circuit to the load to function correctly as intended. You will probably find in the instruction accompanying the table lamp that there is a specification that the unit is intended for use with incandescent lamps only and stating the permitted wattage.

The problem is that the dimmer circuit is designed for specific loads presented by the wire filament of the traditional lamp, the low power requirement of the LED lamp upsets the intended operation/operating levels of the dimmer as you have found. Depending on the design of the dimmer circuitry from units we have investigated the response is variable ranging from the results you have encountered to the lamp operating at almost full brightness at all settings with very minimal dimming.

We are investigating the matter further and whilst there is a partial solution with regards LED lamps, these are intended for visual background lighting effect only and not suitable for reading and the usual activities associated with table lamps. For our reference is the dimmer unit part of the lamp itself or is it a separate unit mounted on the supply cable to the lamp?

We are quite surprised that you note that when the lamps you have been using “blow”, we assume filament ones, that the dimmer unit is damaged. This tends to indicates a defect in the dimmer unit, lamps do fail and a well designed dimmer should adequately cope with lamp failure which is normal in the course of operation.

If we have a more positive solution we’ll advise you accordingly, however should you require any further assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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