One of the LED Bulbs i purchased from you has blown

Customer Question 

Dear Sirs

I regret to advise you that one of the bulbs which I purchased under the above order has “blown”.  This is most disappointing considering the length of time promised with your product.  Fortunately the failure of the bulb did not affect the fuse in the plug.

I should be interested to have your comments.


Technical Tim

Sorry to hear you have had an issue with one of our lamps, our sales department will be contacting you separately regarding replacing the unit and requesting return of the failed unit for examination and report.

Could you perhaps give me a little information on the lamp/dimmer unit it was used with please?

Was this a standard table type lamp holder with a separate dimmer unit that permits total control over the dimming range?

Was this a combined lamp/dimmer unit which has 2 or 3 pre-set levels that are control by touch?

Was the lamp in a ceiling type fitting with a wall type dimmer?

If the latter case was there 1 of more lamps in the circuit?

Look forward to your response and any other relevant information you can supply.





Thanks for your response.

The bulb was used in a standard table lamp with no dimmer involved.  No problem has so far been experienced in a second bulb similarly use.


Technical Tim


Thanks for the information provided and I am sorry to hear that you have had a failure, this is most unusual and whilst it is obviously inconvenient to yourself it should not be a cause for concern. A post mortem on the failed unit will identify the cause of the issue.





Having received a replacement bulb I have today posted back the faulty one.

I would be interested to learn in due course the reason for the failure.


Technical Tim

Thank you for returning the failed unit which has now been inspected.

It would appear on initial examination that the issue is due to an incorrectly functioning power unit and not with the LED pack which is responsible for illumination.

This is to my knowledge the first unit of this type that has experienced failure and we will be running some further tests in the not too distant future.

Accept our apologies for the inconvenience which as we have indicated is out of the ordinary and thanks once again for you assistance.


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