Are there any changes to my setup that would improve the performance of your 7w LED Bulb?

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Hello Well Lit

I ordered three of your 7w Dimmable LED Bulb (#5048) Colour: Warm White (2700k), Fitting: B22 – Bayonet Cap.  The model delivered was the 270º LED Omni A60 dimmable bulb.

I am not as impressed as I was expecting to be with the quality of light and dimming performance.  I have hand them installed in three MK ceiling pendants in a new kitchen, wired on their own circuit to a Varilight V-Pro dimmer switch.  With the dimmer fully turned up the output actually lowers and flickers (the lights seem to be brightest with the dimmer at around 70%), whilst with the dimmer down to minimum they are brighter than I would like, and they flash once at full brightness when being turned off.

The rest of the lighting scheme is made up of LED downlights from led-lighthouse which have a normal dimming curve from zero to full using the same type of dimmer switch.  I was hoping for the same dimming behaviour from the pendant lights.

Are there any changes to my setup that would improve performance, or would another bulb type work better in this environment?



Technical Tim

Sorry to hear you are having a few problems there with your new LEDS, a couple of questions if you don’t mind and I’ll keep it brief and to the point.

1.       Are all 3 lamps on the same dimmer unit?
2.       Are any other lamps fitted on the circuit?
3.       What lamps were there before you replaced them with our LED units, were they incandescent or LED?
4.       If they were incandescent you may find the intelligent control circuitry in the dimmer unit has been “too clever” and is in the wrong mode and has locked on to the previous lamps fitted and is not updating. Do a factory reset, if you don’t have the instructions they are on the Varilight website, just entails clicking the dimmer on  and off in a certain order. This will reset the dimmer unit to factory values. Once set to factory default which is trailing edge dimming and correct for most LED units, certainly our units, the minimum illumination level you require may be set as desired following the instructions if the factory value is incorrect for your usage.

Look forward to your response.



Hi Tim,

Yes, resetting did the trick, they are now performing fine. The dimmer must have been stuck with the previous bulbs’ setting.

Do you do the same bulb in a 4000k cool white?

Thanks for the help, have a great Xmas


Technical Tim

Glad to hear it is all working now.

Our sales team will contact you regarding your enquiry and stock situation on Monday.

Compliments of the season to you all.

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