How To Create An Ambience In Your Living Room

Interior design should combine style with a focus on comfort and functionality. Unless your home is ‘just so’, you won’t be able to relax, unwind and entertain as you should. As the social anchor of your home, your lounge in particular simply must make the right impression.

A massive part of this appeal is down to lighting choices, so follow these hints for an easily achievable ambience in your living room…


Placement matters

Some of the best advice we can give you is not to overdo one particular effect. A standing floor lamp, for instance, can have a striking aesthetic if it’s isolated from other lighting features, looming in a corner of the living room. The same wouldn’t be true if two floor lamps were flanking an armchair, or if a bare bulb was glimmering overhead.




Similarly, ceiling lights don’t have to be of a single, uniform nature. Spacing out modern downlighting with statement lamps, such as pendant lights, will mix up the look and feel of your lounge area. Choose one as your main fixture for the centre of the room, and another to bring focus to a key feature, like a bookcase or display cabinet.


Know your CRIs

A welcoming, vibrant room will want to make the most of its luminescence, drawing out the true colour properties of a sofa, carpet or piece of wall art. This is where CRI (Colour Rendering Index) comes into play. This scale exists to measure how close to the impression of daylight a bulb is.


Most LED bulbs – which are fast replacing incandescent models – don’t have a CRI rating higher than 75, manipulating the hues and overall appearance of your furnishings. Our LEDs, however, are much closer to the real thing, with some merely being a few points short of the full 100 score.


Set the mood

Bright lighting is essential when you’re tucking into food, playing a game or reading the paper on an afternoon. But intensity can get tiresome; you’ll likely find yourself craving a calmer mood at times, whether that’s catching up with friends or unwinding on a night.

Dimmable lights, therefore, offer much in the way of a customised look, instantly adapting to the occasion. Our range of flexible, LED filament bulbs can waver between varying levels of brightness, combining the striking appearance of Edison-style bulbs with the convenience of modern lighting.

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Ultimately, every interior will have its own concerns and character to play with. Following these tips as your guiding light will help you achieve an inviting ambience in your living room, one that’ll bring out the bright or dusky nature of your furniture, just as you like it.

Well Lit offers a full range of dimmable LED bulbs, all of which are genuine replacements for halogen and incandescent lamps. So whether you’re looking to save money, reduce your carbon footprint or simply create an ambience in your home, they’re the perfect choice for your living room.

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