How well-lit shrinks your carbon footprint

All gain, no pain

LED lighting has revolutionised the way we light our homes.

The advantages seem obvious. Lower energy bills, longer-lasting bulbs. But dig a little deeper and the benefits are much, much greater than that.

We’re talking about the planet.

Lighting accounts for up to 20% of all the energy used in the UK, and up to 40% of the energy bill for individual buildings. Good lighting is an important factor in the quality of our living environments, and makes an essential contribution to workplace health and productivity. And all of that makes it a big component in our individual carbon footprints.

Even solar generation produces some carbon, and the average across all fuel types is around 800 grams of ‘greenhouse gases’ for every single KWh of electricity consumed.

The figures are astounding – but so are the potential savings. Simply installing LED lamps in your home can slash your carbon footprint by more than 5 tonnes a year. That’s the equivalent of 700 gallons of petrol – enough to take you right round the globe and still leave plenty in the tank.

The reason these amazing savings are available is the same reason incandescent bulbs are now banned in so many countries. Edison’s iconic design produced light by heating a thin filament to very high temperatures – revolutionary in its day, but astonishingly wasteful. Only 5% of the energy used went into producing light: the other 95% was converted into heat.

Compact fluorescent bulbs were an improvement, but users paid a price in terms of aesthetics and other environmental considerations. In other words, the lamps were ugly and full of toxic chemicals, and took an age to warm up.

well-lit LED lamps use a fraction of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs, don’t contain mercury, and look great in your home – and their superior longevity means they’re effectively ‘fit and forget’. Our range includes decorative, task, and primary lighting, and our beautiful flexible filament bulbs combine the style of Edison bulbs with 21st century environmental credentials.

Switching to well-lit LED bulbs isn’t a license to squander carbon somewhere else – we all need to think carefully about how far we drive and how often we fly – but it’s a painless way to reduce your carbon footprint without hurting your quality of life.

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finalists of The Observer Ethical Awards