Can I use non-dimmable LEDs on their own or with dimmable LEDs in an electrical circuit controlled by a dimmer unit even if the dimmer is turned to maximum and never dimmed?

No. The dimmer unit produces a non standard electrical waveform, even at full on setting, that is incompatible with the non-dimmable power supply within the LED. Operation can result in damage to LED lamps sometimes in a matter of seconds. Even if the LED lamp apparently appears to function do not continue to use in this fashion. Power supplies within dimmable LEDs are intended to work with dimmer units, non-dimmable LED power supplies are not intended to work with dimmer units. Note that some combinations of dimmable LED and dimmer units are NOT 100% compatible and do not work as expected and whilst they are safe to use, the limited dimming range, flickering etc is not acceptable for normal use and continued operation is not recommended.

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