LED’s have wiped out my DAB radio signal

Customer Question 

I have a question/problem for you, i have purchased your 8 of your led mr16 spots and have put them in my kitchen as a straight swop for MR16 halogens, where as they work
well they completely wipe out my dab radio signal! is there any thing you can suggest? i assume its down to the 12v drivers that are still on the existing fittings but i’m not sure if changing them will cure the problem, could it be the bulbs themselves?


Technical Tim

Thanks for the information and sorry to hear you are having an issue with the recent purchase. Let’s try an elimination test with your assistance if we can to try and localize the issue.

Could I ask the following

Could you try the little test as shown in the attached Battery Test document and let me know the outcome please. Pay attention to your signal strength before and after. The Video shows a live test performed with a couple of lamps.
What type of fitting are the lamps installed in? Are they individual ceiling recessed types, track lights or clusters?



i tried the battery test and there was no signal loss, the lights are fitted to 12v transformers with mr16 fittings they are individual ceiling recessed types. i couldn’t get the video to work on my mac by the way.


Technical Tim

Thanks for the feedback, you may be in with a chance then, but let’s not count our chickens before they are hatched.

All electrical products generate electrical signals, some wanted some unwanted, The unwanted ones must not rise above a certain threshold in order that the products perform correctly and may be certified as meeting the required standard, of which there are many even for a single product.

Similarly an electrical product should also be immune to electrical signals impacting on it that do not exceed agreed levels and that product still performs correctly.

Yes, we are aware that there are is lot of talk amongst various parties and user groups on the Internet about issues relating to LEDs and interference, some helpful, some less so.

With the little test you have performed the LED seems to have minimal impact on your radio, this would tend to indicate that both the LED, radio and reception signal level are acceptable. A low received signal strength may well cause issues, as would a poorly designed LED or radio receiver. Could I ask if the radio you have is battery operated or has a separate power adaptor which plugs into the power socket?

The issue is likely to be caused by a combination of more than one component in the complete set up of received signal strength, radio (with power supply), LED, existing power supplies for previous lamps and interconnecting wiring.

In order to try and resolve or at least minimise the issues you are experiencing would it be possible for you to read through the attached note and fit filters as indicated which we would supply? Please note that the filters must be fitted as shown with the turn of cable around the outside in order to function effectively.

The filters will minimise any interaction between the LEDs and the relevant power supply reducing and, minimising any electrical “interference”  that may be radiated by or conducted along the power cabling.

I have attached a file for the more discerning Apple enthusiasts, apologies for the oversight, you will need sound. The LEDs shown in the clip are not the ones you have but from one of our previous ranges, the LEDs you have have slightly better performance than those shown.

If you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

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