About well-lit

Stylish, efficient, ethical.
No wonder we’re the nation’s favourite LED specialist.

well-lit is on a mission to bring top quality lighting and real energy savings to customers throughout the UK.

In less than five years, we’ve grown from small beginnings into a major online retailer, and turned the UK LED lighting sector upside down in the process. We’re already the top-rated LED specialist on Trustpilot, and seventh in the entire Lighting category.

Here’s why we’re different

  • Optimum bulb performance and lifespan
  • Unique manufacturing process
  • Stringent ethical and environmental standards
  • Flicker-free dimming
  • Uniform colour temperature
  • Comprehensive 3-year warranty
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Patented design
  • 360° light distribution
  • Zero UV emissions
  • A++ energy rating

Low-energy lighting you can live with

well-lit has called time on ugly, bulky low-energy lighting.

Our bulbs will cut your bills, but never short-change you on style. Architects, designers, and style-conscious home-owners and businesses just can’t get enough of their versatile good looks.

Our range includes decorative, task, and primary lighting – practical and beautiful replacements for inefficient incandescent bulbs.

As the company that first brought flexible filament LEDs to Europe, well-lit has the best products, the biggest range, and the toughest quality standards – all backed by our unique 365-day returns policy*.

Which ones will you choose?

Matchless quality, ethical standards

From installing the filaments and drivers to shaping and cutting of glass, all our LED filament bulbs are handmade by highly-skilled craftspeople. No machine can match their judgement and dexterity, and ensure the precision and finish we’re looking for.

In return, we insist the men and woman who make our lamps enjoy decent wages, a safe working environment, and comfortable living conditions.

And because we never cut corners on quality, our bulbs really do last as long as we say they do.

We’re on your side

Well-Lit is an open, honest and transparent company with nothing to hide and a lot to shout about. Our founders – Bujar and Chris – still answer the phones and respond personally to e-mail enquiries. Feel free to get in touch with your feedback and questions.

Check out our slide show

You may not notice just how washed-out your rooms look under conventional LED lighting – until you fit well-lit bulbs and see the difference for yourself.

Use our slider to see how our bulbs could bring out the true colours in your home.

But remember, the best way to compare our bulbs is to buy some!

* Terms and conditions apply.

Well Lit are proud European Design Award winners and
finalists of The Observer Ethical Awards