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Slight delay when turning on the LED Spots, is this normal?

Customer Question

One of the 5W well lit didn’t come on immediately in the kitchen tonight when I turned on – I thought it had gone but then it came on about 1min-2mins later…. have you seen that behaviour before? I will monitor but just wondered.


Technical Tim

It could be faulty but have never had any LEDs in my experience do this.

It could be the fitting/LED electrical contact. If especially the fitting has been used for halogen units the fitting and metal contacts will have been hot for some time causing discolouration and tarnishing of the spring metal contacts. Kitchens, smoking etc will all contribute to surface contamination of the sprung metal contacts.

The halogen lamp will draw approximately 0.2 amps and far more at switch on, the LED will draw 0.05 amps, far less and possibly not sufficient to break through any tarnishing/corrosion on the surface of the spring metal contacts in the holder; eventually contact has been made and the LED appears to work satisfactorily.

Try removing the suspect LED lamp and insert it in a different position and then insert/remove a different LED lamp a few times to scrape any possible tarnishing and monitor operation.  Any further flickering, delay in powering up on the fitting would indicate a contact issue, if the suspect lamp plays up in a different location it would tend to confirm a LED fault and the unit should be replaced.

Do this with the power turned OFF

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