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5 Types Of Green Technology Changing The World

Our planet is changing with increasing rapidity, marked with the scorched footprint of human influence. Whilst global powers wrestle with the issue, we must look to technology for the answers – it is the only way we’ll be able to preserve the environment that we’ve come close to destabilising forever.

Thankfully, there are so many great things being done around the world, all working to limit our pollutants and carbon emissions. The following innovations will play a key role in tackling climate change, and setting a brighter course for the future:


  1. Electric vehicles



Electric cars are going to be hitting our roads in a big way over the coming decade. Many countries are preparing for widespread charging stations to power batteries that are capable of supporting long journeys. As Ford, Tesla and a raft of other manufacturers have stepped on board, this will nearly eliminate carbon pollution on our roads.


  1. Green concrete




Concrete is awfully carbon-intensive. It takes almost 1,500°C of heat to break down clay for its production, accounting for 5% of all CO2 emissions. Realising how destructive this is, construction pioneers are looking into using base rocks that actively soak up the carbon in the air to help them solidify.


  1. Personal solar devices



Solar panels are becoming a fixture of millions of homes. Now, numerous accessories have sprung up to do the same for our fast and furious lifestyles. Phone chargers, fitness trackers and personal cameras have solar alternatives, and they’re getting better with each passing year. They eliminate the need for electric chargers, which is also more convenient if there isn’t a socket to hand.


  1. Internet of Things (IoT)



As connected devices seep into our homes and workplaces, it’s now possible to control everything remotely, from the temperature of your bedroom to background processes on your computer. Technology expends a huge amount of energy, so less wasted power is a cause for celebration.


  1. The LED lighting revolution

An LED bulb only takes a small fraction of the electricity needed to maintain a traditional halogen or incandescent light. LEDs last longer, result in an 80-85% drop in operating costs, and can be dimmed according to the ambience you want to achieve. This can make a huge difference to a property, especially when you factor in the aesthetic value of unique filament designs.


The Well Lit team want to inspire you, and get you excited about the eco-friendly movement that’s gathering pace. We can make the changes we all feel responsible for; small tweaks to our behaviour are all it takes, and these technological marvels are poised to help us do so painlessly, without compromising on our priorities.

To explore what LED lighting fixtures can do for your home or business, take a look at our complete product range.




Date: 18 Nov 2016