The Greenest Blogs from the UK


You probably know “green” blogs already. I’m not¬†talking about the web design or WordPress theme either. I refer to the actual topics they cover.


Green Blogs

Even if you don’t care about our planet and want to leave it on the next trip to Mars you probably have perused at least one green publication in the past. Some of them may even have outgrown the term weblog by now.

are just a few household names I not only read on purpose but I often end up visiting through social media recommendations as they in many cases have a massive following online and beyond. Whether you call them blogs or not they are by now hugely popular all over the world.



This is not America

There’s one issue with these popular green blogs though. They are mostly from the US. I love the environmental coverage from the United States but it’s often better to have a local perspective on things. What’s good for America isn’t automatically working for the rest of the world.

It’s “think global, act local”.

Sure, it’s important to know that many Americans do not even want to acknowledge climate change but it’s upon us to curb CO2 emissions wherever we live. I live in Europe, you may as well. That’s why I wondered what the best green or environmentally friendly blogs from the UK are.



Who’s the judge actually?

Who am I to judge blogs? I’ve been blogging since 2003. In 2004 I started blogging professionally. You could argue that I know what I’m talking about. Yet in those 12+ years of blogging I realized that assessing quality is highly subjective. You might like this and I might like that.

For you vanilla ice cream is the best, I prefer strawberry.

That’s why I decided to call this collection “the greenest blogs from the UK”. They may be not “the best green blogs from the UK” but at least a veteran blogger like myself considers them to be green and worthy of a read. Here they are with a short introduction/explanation for each.


Moral Fibres



Wendy is a modest and frugal thirty something who “doesn’t do Yoga or drive a hybrid car”. She blogs nonetheless about ecological choices. Her writing style is not about green-washed consumerism but creative use of resources. Wendy also already contributed to our upcoming group post on the easiest ways to save energy. Stay tuned!


Hot Air



Hot Air is the “Client Earth” blog. What does that mean? It’s written by eco-friendly lawyers on behalf of their client, earth itself. Why is the air hot? It’s probably warmed up by climate change. On the other hand it’s of course more than just “hot air”. It sure fuels heated debates on hot topics though. Check them out.


Good Energy blog



Not all energy is good. Some is downright dirty. Good Energy offers the clean one and blogs about that. That’s good! They envision a clean energy future full of innovation and powered by renewables. That’s truly progressive. The blog appears to prove that clean energy is not just a business model for them but a matter of the heart.



Green Blog by Friends of the Earth

Friend or foe? FoE are both. They are friends of the earth and foe of polluters. They cover not only green topics but also their ramifications like refugee waves caused by climate change. I’m already a Greenpeace member (or rather my wife, but I earn the money we “pay” them). When choosing an NGO to be part of FoE should be among the top candidates.



The Green Duo

Becky and Steve are green parents who care. They are making conscious choices. They cover them. They try to inspire others to make the world a greener place. I appreciate the personal perspective an down to earth approach.

The only pet-peeve is that the couple doesn’t seem to have a lot of time to write. Their Twitter feed is fully automated and new posts appear every few weeks. Let’s hope they can contribute more in the future and become more responsive.



Green Alliance blog



While I don’t like the term “think tank” – which implies some kind of weaponry – this is how the team behind the green alliance blog described themselves. Luckily I visited the blog first not the “about” page.

The blog gets updated frequently and the posts cover green politics in a factual way. In recent weeks the relations between the UK and the EU and their impact upon the environment ran paramount for example.





The Benvironment blog is not only exceptional because of the pun in its name. Yes, it’s run by Ben Dolphin and covers environmental issues. Ben doesn’t only write about nature, he actually seems to spend most of his time right in it camping, hiking and taking pictures. Apparently not all who wander are lost.


Creating a better place



This is the official blog of the actual British environment agency. You wouldn’t expect the government to create such a well written blog. Numerous contributors publish articles on a wide range of green topics you won’t see covered in a lot of other places. You will be probably glad to find out that your tax money isn’t wasted.




“We seek to foster relationships with other environmentally focused websites with which we can share articles, to enable the material we each produce to reach a wider audience.” What more can I say?

This is probably a very unique approach to blogging in general but makes a lot of sense for environmental activism. It seems to work as there is a huge number of contributors who cover a wide variety of environmental issues “to hold power accountable”.

A prime example of how they tackle even unpopular issues like waste management is the in-depth post on landfill bans by Harriet Parke.


Energy Saving Trust Blog



The energy saving trust is an NGO from the UK that is “helping people save energy every day”. In case you have ever researched ways to save energy you have most probably come across their advice.

They also have a frequently updated blog that has apparently almost no audience, at least judging from the “0 comments” they get on every single article. That’s a shame. It’s time to change that. Please visit them now and share their articles!


Notable Omissions

You may have noticed a few notable omissions. First off I’m not an expert on UK publications, second I tried not to label mainstream journalistic news sections as mere blogs. Huge media outlets like the Guardian have “green blogs” too.

Yet my impression is that they are not really blogs but broadcasting outlets covering a niche topic just like any other. I consider green

  • activists
  • enthusiasts
  • or even politicians

who blog much more trustworthy than a major publisher covering just another “trendy” topic.

In case you miss a noteworthy weblog on environmental issues and sustainability that’s not just money making tool for a large publishing company? Please add it in the comment section! I welcome suggestions and even self-promotional additions. Be honest though. Is it really green?


P.S.: The images have been taken from the respective blogs and are linked to the articles they appeared on. In case one of the images is yours or you prefer us to add a full-fledged credit please tell us by mail.


* (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)  Creative Commons image by Deutsche Fotothek

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