The environmentally conscious Buyer’s Guide to LED Lights


If there’s one thing we love, its light – the kind that brighten up our offices and cheers up our homes. Personally, I don’t know anyone who likes to sit in the dark in their homes or work in their office without any lights on. That said, barely anyone knows the difference between good light and bad light.

For the purpose of this post, we’re going to simplify the difference in one statement:


In terms of energy saving and value for money, LED lighting is good – Halogen and Incandescent lighting is bad.


Since you’re an environmentally conscious buyer, those two factors are important. Of course, not all LED lamps are equal. Some have a higher quality of light while others – we’re loathe to admit – have abysmal quality. Well-Lit is one of the few companies in the world that offer LED lamps that have the same quality of light as Halogen or Incandescent ones. (Don’t believe us? Try us out. If our lamps are in any way inferior – we’ll take them back and offer you a refund.)


The difference between Incandescent and LED lighting – in terms you understand


LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have one fundamental difference from traditional lamps – or lights as they’re popularly referred to.

You see, incandescent lamps rely on glass container and a high resistance coiled tungsten filament inside it to produce light. An electric current is passed (through a low-resistant copper conductor) to the tungsten coil which resists the current and as a result heats up to almost melting point and emits light.

In case you’re wondering, it needs to produce a lot of heat for there to be light – a lot more heat than light.

It’s why most incandescent lamps are too hot to touch after they’ve been turned on even for a short while.

LED lamps on the other hand, have a diode that emits light. Now a diode is a semiconductor (transistor) device with two terminals. It operates on low voltage (less than 5v DC) and allows current to flow in one direction only.

It is a very efficient device that generates large quantities of light for very little power. LED devices do produce heat (all semiconductors do) but in comparison the amount of heat generated is minimal.


Why environmentally conscious buyers need to buy LED lamps for their homes and offices


Up until now, we’ve talked about good and bad light and the difference between them. Now it’s time to tell you the advantages of using good light – also known as LED light.

• They consume less electricity which means a lower electricity bill for you.

• They cost less and last longer. Now before you tell us LED lamps cost more than traditional lamps, compare their price with the longer life span and the amount you’ll save in your monthly electricity bills. We can guarantee you’ll save more money than you would spend buying them.

• They produce very low heat which means they aren’t hot to touch. No more worrying about the small children burning their fingers because they were so fascinated by your lamps that they just had to touch.

• Reduced maintenance cost. When you don’t have to regularly change them, you don’t have to think about buying new ones.

• Dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions. There’s no two ways about it, due to the much lower power consumption of LED lighting, electricity production and the unwanted by-product, CO2, is dramatically reduced.

• Better quality light. One of the biggest pet peeves with users of LED lighting is that the quality of light is just not the same as traditional lamps. In most cases, that’s true, but not in our case. LED lamps by Well-Lit have the same quality of light as traditional lamps. We work very hard to ensure it is and proudly stake our reputation on the fact.


A good quality LED lamp will have all of the above advantages and more. Make your homes and office a better place for your family and your workforce by installing LED lighting.


You don’t even have to leave your desk to get them. Just use our store to order them online, and we’ll have them delivered to you ASAP. Just visit out store and place your order!


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