Dreaming of a bright Christmas?

Ignore CRI and you could be in for a dull Christmas


So you’ve been to buy this year’s enormous Christmas tree – or grabbed your trusty plastic version from the attic – and lovingly decorated it, wrapped tinsel around the bannister, popped your poinsettia on the coffee table and hung the stockings above the fireplace.


Everything’s feeling fabulously festive and you can’t wait to rip into the Quality Street and veg out for hours in front of some classic Christmas films.


And yet there you are, mulled wine in hand, looking around the living room and wondering: why does it look so dull?


Well, if you’ve got standard LED lighting, the answer is probably that the CRI of those bulbs isn’t high enough.


If you’re not sure what CRI is, you can read our full explanation over here.


In short, it’s a measure of how naturally and accurately a bulb reflects the true colours of the objects it illuminates. In general, halogen and incandescent bulbs score 99 out of 100 – so pretty much perfect. And that’s what we’re used to seeing in everyday life.


However, standard LED lamps usually mean at least a 20 percent reduction in CRI, making everything around them look comparatively dull and washed out.


But don’t panic – not all LED lights are like that!


Here at well-lit.co.uk, we stock specifically high CRI LED lights with a CRI of around 95+; this means they offer the same quality of light as traditional lamps while using 85% less energy.


And the colour most impacted by poor CRI? Red. So all that sparkly red tinsel, those beautiful red stockings full of treats, even that ridiculous hand-knitted Christmas jumper with a big red nose on Rudolph – they will all be particularly affected by a low


CRI. Check out the difference low and high CRI can have in your home here;

High vs Low CRI LED Bulbs Lighting

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