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A Closer Look At Curved LED Filament Lamps

A Closer Look At Curved LED Filament Lamps


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Old-age appetites can come back to the fore of our tastes, sometimes when we least expect them. This, at least, has been the case of curved LED filament lamps, putting a modern spin on vintage designs that have surged back to popularity in recent years.


Lighting is the barest element of what makes a space inviting, captivating or provocative. The Well Lit mandate is to explore whatever makes these factors sing, while keeping eco-friendly solutions at the top of our priority list.


We’re unequivocally in love with the LED filament craze, and we’re taking some time out to explain why the curved lamp style is spotlighting the modern aesthetic more than any other lighting fixture…



A classic guise for new times


Over the last two decades, ripples in the lighting market began to push filament bulbs back to the surface of consumer demand. Recapturing a key word – ‘authentic’ – has become the Holy Grail of venues, bars, restaurants and event spaces across the UK.


The earliest days of lighting technology made use of filament circuits, infiltrating factories, warehouses and millions of homes desperate to have reliable illumination. These lamps are still associated with sparseness and manual care; qualities that, having been the property of those who were simply after basic light solutions, have achieved a desirability for interiors that actively try to avoid being over-stylised.


Today, filament bulbs have fallen in line with this modern trend for minimalism, yet must face the issue of how much energy they actually take to power. Traditional designs aren’t very eco-friendly, which is where LEDs take the filament baton and run with it…


Spotlighting the future


If you look around your typical café or high street store, chances are you’ll see a filament lamp somewhere. They’ve gotten so common in commercial spaces that the impact of filament bulbs has been threatened by overexposure.


Anticipating this, Well Lit has stocked up on an entire range of curved LED filament lamps – we’re the first to bring them to UK shores, and we’re confident that the mutations of LED technology give them a whole new lease of life.




LED semi-conductors, for instance, provide the same illumination levels for 25% of old-school filament energy costs. They’re also extremely adaptable, since unique polymer material lets manufacturers twist and curl them into any number of circular shapes. By installing a gaggle of curved LED filament lamps onto a ceiling, you’ll have a generous dollop of warm light backed by true, artistic visuals.


Additionally, they can dim to varying strengths, matching a particular mood or time of day. They’ll last a lot longer than classic filament counterparts too – useful for anyone wanting consistency in their lighting setup, whether that’s for entertaining a large family in the home kitchen or making a splash in your venue.



Our collection has already arrived, and there’s a wealth of curved LED filament lamps to choose from, including candle, pear and globe designs. Be a bright spark: browse our entire range for LEDs that’ll make your interior more elegant than ever before.




Date: 21 Oct 2016