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LED technology is driving a revolution in the lighting industry – finally, there are energy-efficient solutions that don’t compromise the quality of lighting of traditional incandescent bulbs. Find out the latest news and trends in the LED industry here.

The Easiest Ways to Save Energy as Suggested by Experts

Let’s be honest! Most of us don’t care about climate change. Yes, I said it. We haven’t met many polar bears until now and warmer weather is very welcome. Now you can plan a summer vacation for spring even in case you don’t want to fly south. Also who are all these people suffering from […]

5 Types Of Green Technology Changing The World

Our planet is changing with increasing rapidity, marked with the scorched footprint of human influence. Whilst global powers wrestle with the issue, we must look to technology for the answers – it is the only way we’ll be able to preserve the environment that we’ve come close to destabilising forever. Thankfully, there are so many […]

A Closer Look At Curved LED Filament Lamps

A Closer Look At Curved LED Filament Lamps     Old-age appetites can come back to the fore of our tastes, sometimes when we least expect them. This, at least, has been the case of curved LED filament lamps, putting a modern spin on vintage designs that have surged back to popularity in recent years. […]

4 Eco Trends to Watch in 2017

4 Eco Trends To Watch In 2017   Time marches on; as climate change becomes an increasingly salient issue, every year counts for making the necessary changes to our energy consumption. Thankfully, people are switching on to the matter, and as we look ahead to 2017 there are plenty of eco-friendly solutions landing on our […]

Understanding What You Use Energy for

This is a guest post by John Pooley, Energy Management & Sustainability Consultant on how to save energy. It was initially meant as a short contribution to my group interview on the easiest way to save energy but due to its depth I decided to use it as standalone post as well! I added some […]

The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps

Lighting The Way Forward: The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps What does nostalgia make you think of? It could be warmth, sepia, the comfort of friends and family clustered somewhere that’s etched on your brain. Our surroundings can determine the memories we end up treasuring forever, and lighting is just one of the ways […]

Dreaming of a bright Christmas?

Ignore CRI and you could be in for a dull Christmas So you’ve been to buy this year’s enormous Christmas tree – or grabbed your trusty plastic version from the attic – and lovingly decorated it, wrapped tinsel around the bannister, popped your poinsettia on the coffee table and hung the stockings above the fireplace. […]

Set the colours of your home free

See how LED’s can bring out the true colours of objects in your home OUR LED BULBS LIGHT THE ROOM THE WAY YOU’RE ALREADY USED TO. CRI stands for Colour Rendering Index and every lamp, be it halogen, incandescent, CFL or LED has a CRI rating out of 100. The closer to 100 you go, […]

Which? are leaving consumers in the dark about LED Lighting

How Which? is leaving consumers in the dark… Which? is a leading source of consumer information in the UK, helping people to make informed buying decisions with product reviews and guides. I was a subscriber for a number of years, and used their services to make decisions on significant items, from washing machines to a […]