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LED lights have come a long way – there is now a huge range of LED light fittings and LED bulbs – from simple replacements for inefficient lighting to lights that are only possible because of LED technology. Get ideas and inspiration for your own lighting here.

The Easiest Ways to Save Energy as Suggested by Experts

Let’s be honest! Most of us don’t care about climate change. Yes, I said it. We haven’t met many polar bears until now and warmer weather is very welcome. Now you can plan a summer vacation for spring even in case you don’t want to fly south. Also who are all these people suffering from […]

A Closer Look At Curved LED Filament Lamps

A Closer Look At Curved LED Filament Lamps     Old-age appetites can come back to the fore of our tastes, sometimes when we least expect them. This, at least, has been the case of curved LED filament lamps, putting a modern spin on vintage designs that have surged back to popularity in recent years. […]

How to Cut Out Obvious Energy Wastage

This is a guest post by Chris Burgess, head trainer at the Energy Institute on how to save energy. It was initially meant as a short contribution to my group interview on the easiest way to save energy but due to its depth I decided to use it as standalone post as well! I added […]

The Greenest Blogs from the UK

You probably know “green” blogs already. I’m not talking about the web design or WordPress theme either. I refer to the actual topics they cover.   Green Blogs Even if you don’t care about our planet and want to leave it on the next trip to Mars you probably have perused at least one green publication […]

The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps

Lighting The Way Forward: The Rise Of Flexible LED Filament Lamps What does nostalgia make you think of? It could be warmth, sepia, the comfort of friends and family clustered somewhere that’s etched on your brain. Our surroundings can determine the memories we end up treasuring forever, and lighting is just one of the ways […]

The Cutest DIY LED Ideas for Your Home or Garden

To make a flat or house your home you need to make it cosy personalise it let it reflect your individualism. Otherwise it may end up looking like just another outpost of the global IKEA empire or its countless copycats. You can’t really buy a unique home interior unless you want to spend a whole […]