About us

“Let there be light.”


We aren’t religious. But, we do believe in lighting like religion.
That’s a big statement. We’re not naive to the fact. 


Nor are we naive to the fact that a lot of folks in the LED bulb industry are making big statements backed by more empty promises than a used car salesman with a monthly quota to hit, slipping a baby-faced teenager inside a “mint” 1990-something Toyota Supra. 


The difference between these brands (whose names we won’t mention) and us is that we actually put our money where our mouth is. 


You care about the stuff you spend money on.


A quick and dirty way to find out what someone truly cares about is to look at their bank statement. People don’t spend money on stuff they don’t care about and the same can be said about brands. 


There is a very good chance you’ve never heard of Well-lit. This is intentional. Unlike our competitors who spend a small fortune on PR, advertising and pompous marketing circus tricks… we invest the bulk of our money on bettering our technology, improving our product and keeping our current customers grinning from ear to ear. 


This, unfortunately, comes with a cost. 


Unlike the “big dogs” overcompensating for their small bones, we drive our business through word-of-mouth. Our wonderful customers love us so much that they’ve introduced us to some of the most prestigious companies on the planet and the single biggest account in the UK (we’re talking 50,000 LED bulbs every three years). 


We know every one of our customers on a first name basis, we care about each and every one of them deeply and we continuously fight tooth and nail to keep their spaces beautifully lit.


But, don’t take our word for it. 


Let’s hear it directly from the horse’s mouth… 


The horse’s mouth (A.K.A our boss, Chris).


*In walks Chris Stimson, CEO & Co-Founder of Well-lit*


 Chris! Good sir, we’re explaining to this here devilishly handsome individual why they should be sourcing their lighting from us. 


They’re still a bit skeptical still. 


So, would you mind spitting out a line or two…


“While our competitors are chasing maximum revenues, just caring about getting products out the door, we genuinely care about our products and our customers. 


And, in the very rare situations where we mess up something, I get this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach that we have let someone down and by god we make it right.”


And, there you have it.


Call us, write us, send a carrier pigeon… 


Just please, for the love of God, get in touch. 


Seriously, let’s talk.