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5 Energy Drainers You (Probably) Haven’t Considered


Everywhere we look, modern tech surrounds us, wrapping us in a humming nest of convenience, warmth and fresh food. Nowhere is this truer than the home, where we expect to do what we like, when we like it. Yet energy bills are on the rise, and being cavalier about your consumption is bound to bite you with a nasty bill.

It isn’t easy to spot where changes can be made – the highest energy drainers can be our best domestic friends, and it’s tough to identify them. Unless, of course, you have this line-up of the main culprits to hand:


  1. Overworked fridges


Practically everyone has a fridge, but they might never tinker with it. Old refrigerators used to emit well over the 600 Watts associated with a lot of current models, but there’s still room for improvement.

You can reduce energy consumption even further by turning down the core temp, and cleaning the coils on the back so they’re more efficient. When winter hits, place a few jugs of ice water on the middle shelf to match the temperature in your kitchen.


  1. Washing clothes


You might think twice before putting on the tumble dryer, but washing machines drain energy too. A washer that’s on for a long spin at a high temperature is incredibly energy-intensive. Heating water requires a lot of electricity, so consider switching your cycles to 30 degrees and choosing a quick spin for light loads.



  1. Devices on standby




TVs, monitors, speaker systems… the list of devices with a standby mode is quite extensive. That little red light can look menacing if you consider what it does to your yearly energy costs. The typical television chews up around a tenth of its energy consumption when it’s not switched off properly; added up over the hundreds of hours it sits dormant in your living room, that’s a pointless chunk of expenditure.


  1. Electric heaters



Yes, gas prices are fairly high in the UK, so it’s tempting to pass over your radiators for an electric heater, leaving it on for an hour or more until a room has warmed up. However, they’re a monstrous addition to your overall bill, and they don’t heat an entire house. So if you use electric radiators in several rooms, it might be better to turn on the heating.


  1. Incandescent lighting

Filament Lamp Cluster


This is the biggie, since people have been accustomed to traditional lighting for as long as they can remember. However, a great deal of the energy channelled into these bulbs is emitted as heat rather than light, making your fixtures work harder to illuminate the room. Efficient LED lighting, by contrast, uses a fraction of the power. LED filaments tend to last for longer, too, making them a no-brainer for the energy-conscious homeowner.


We can’t remind the kids to turn off their laptops, or your partner to wear another layer, but we can save you money with energy-efficiency LED lights. Glance over our full range of LED models to see what could brighten up your life, without guzzling your finances.


G125 Flexible LED Filament


Date: 18 Nov 2016