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4 Eco Trends to Watch in 2017

4 Eco Trends To Watch In 2017


Time marches on; as climate change becomes an increasingly salient issue, every year counts for making the necessary changes to our energy consumption. Thankfully, people are switching on to the matter, and as we look ahead to 2017 there are plenty of eco-friendly solutions landing on our radar.


To give you a glimpse of what to expect over the coming year, let us share our top eco trends that will make waves in 2017. Remember, you heard them here first…


  1. Home automation




Thanks to automated home systems, science fiction is finally merging with reality. Soon enough, a large portion of properties will have regulated heating, lighting and appliances, all managed from a distance by the homeowner.

This means you can warm your bedroom or ready the oven for dinner before you arrive, amongst countless other perks. Quite apart from the convenience of such a development, automated home software puts a user-defined cap on energy usage, so nothing goes to waste.


  1. The Tesla 3


It’s quite astonishing – there have been 400,000 pre-orders made already for a vehicle that won’t be shipped out for at least two years. That’s proof of the buzz surrounding the Tesla 3, which is being hailed as the first truly affordable, stylish and consumer-worthy electric car.


With a touch-screen dashboard and over 200 miles’ worth of battery power to draw on in one blast, it looks to be the face of zero-emission, automated driving. The world will be closely monitoring how this pans out, since our country is being positioned as a leader in the driverless tech industry.


  1. Rising winds


We’ve all gotten used to debates about wind farms: their relative merits, how ‘ugly’ they can seem, whether the oil it costs to produce them is worth it… Well, it seems like Great Britain is proving the naysayers wrong, as the green light has been given for the Hornsea Two project.


Based off the Yorkshire coast, it’ll comprise one of the biggest renewable investments our country has made to date. 1.8 million homes will benefit from the generated power; additionally, the UK will also host the Offshore Wind Energy Summit 2017, in recognition of the rewards we’re seeing crystallise from turbine solutions.


  1. Curved LED replacements


Over the past year or two, you might have noticed that filament bulbs in bars, venues and eateries have had a slight makeover. The vintage lighting we’ve grown accustomed to – and the LED variant that’s much better at cutting energy bills – is taking the form of a ‘curved’ design, which can take all sorts of shapes and arty twists.


This is brilliant news for our homes, as LED filament bulbs (until very recently) have mainly been used in public spaces. As curved filament bulbs are now widely available in striking designs, they’re starting to take pride of place in homes across the UK.


It’s easy to feel down-hearted by the stories of climate change. However, beneath all of this are bright, shining examples of human ingenuity, planting a flag for the future of our planet.


LED lighting is a significant chunk of the journey forward, so contact Well Lit to learn about the changes you can make to your home or business. Let’s make 2017 a year to shout about…


Date: 21 Oct 2016